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Jai Lanae was born in Cincinnati, Ohio but raised in Lithonia, Georgia. Jai has devoted her life to creating television that brings about conviction and change to all who watch—getting taboo conversations fearlessly on the big screen. Her priority is to liberate victims and create characters that everyone can connect with personally. Jai combines real stories and honest dialogue with entertainment to pierce souls. Through God leading, her mission is to showcase authentic Faith and courage.

The Secrets of My Mother

The Secrets of My Mother Trailer (Rated R)

Have the conversation…

Talk to your children about sexual abuse. You’re not protecting them if you wait until it happens. You’re also not exposing them by keeping them informed and establishing a healthy line of communication. Most of the time, they have been well groomed by their abuser. I’m going to give you this information because an underexposed enemy is a danger to everyone.

Grooming Behaviors
• Special gifts and attention.
• Isolation
• Meeting unmet needs and roles within a family
• Treating the child as if they are older.
• Every now and then, crossing physical boundaries and
slowly elevating intimacy.
• Threatens to remain in control and use of secrecy.

Ways to Prevent Abuse
• Keep healthy and open relationships with all the children that God places in your life. You may be their outlet and their safe place.
• Believe them! Even before you have evidence. Support their need and desire for safety.
• Don’t react in a way that will cause them to take the blame. They may change their story to not upset you.
• Speak up when you notice an adult crossing boundaries and help the child establish them.
• Model the boundaries.
• Let children make their own decisions about their
bodies. Let them say yes and no to affection and being
touched, even by you. (Kissing, hugging... etc.)
• Tell children accurate naming for their body parts.

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